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I've worked across many clients over the years, and not all are featured here. So, I thought I'd give them all a shout out first:

Foxtel, American Express, Caltex, BT Finance, Westpac, Toyota, Toyota Fleet Management, Toyota Financial Services, Allianz Insurance, Carnival Cruises, Purina Australia, ASX, Qantas, Bank of SA, RSVP, Fitness First, HCF Health Insurance, Mastercard, and George and Matilda Eyewear.

Ok, now onto the work.



In 2017, we pitched for a high-profile Amex campaign. In a 6-month David-and-Goliath battle with Ogilvy, our agency came out on top. And I'm bloody proud. It's led to ongoing work and one of the best clients I've ever worked with. Here's some details on the pitch-winning campaign:

Millennials are a varied bunch. But the one thing the majority has in common is their apathy towards their finances (and especially towards financial advertising). 

We were tasked by American Express to create an acquisition campaign for their Essential Credit Card, targeting and engaging financially disengaged millennials. And here's what we did:




The brief

Premium dating service, RSVP, wanted to create awareness around their dating app. The challenge was to combat major mobile dating rival,Tinder.

The idea

Through YouTube pre-rolls, we dramatised the 'Tinder swipe', showing the app for what it is – shallow. We then prompted the viewer to 'pull their finger out' and explore RSVP, which is a more deep and engaging form of mobile dating. We made a follow up featuring the male hand still going for gold with his swiping, but eventually getting tired. 

Version one

Version two


How do you make eDMs from Foxtel exciting? You make them as entertaining as the shows and movies themselves. From writing intriguing, personalised subject lines, to creating animated headers, I played a big part in making the customer experience more entertaining. The below video will give you an idea of some of our work. 


And here, you'll see an eDM for Foxtel Access – Foxtel's rewards program. 


The brief

Through radio, Allianz wanted to convince small business owners that getting Allianz Insurance would give them peace of mind. 

The idea

Business owners don't just work 9-5. They take their work home with them. They worry about everything. And sometimes, it's hard to sleep because of this. I wanted to show that Allianz Small Business Insurance is there if anything bad happens, so that business owners can sleep easy. 


Toyota Fleet Management wanted a complete refresh of their website. So, talented Digital Design Lead, Juan Maciel, and I went to work. From better UX design to simple language free of the old website's fluff, we created something better for the client and customer alike. 



The brief

As part of the Fancy Feast pitch (which we won), we were asked to come up with tactical ideas to fit around their strategic pillars of joy, care and style. Here you'll see my two favourites. PS: Fancy Feast is cat food. But it's sexy cat food, promise. 

The Purina Purrmometer

Fancy Feast had previously partnered with Leona Edmiston to create designer cat collars. Our idea was to take this further and embed a piece of tech into the collars – the Purrmometer. This device can detect your cat's happiness based on the amount of purr vibrations throughout the day, all tracked by an app. Through this app, we would be able to introduce care tips and Fancy Feast products based on the cat's mood. I'm not going to end this paragraph with a cat pun, don't worry. 

Fancy Melodies

Partnering with researcher and cat music composer David Teie, Fancy Melodies is a music playlist we create that’s made specifically for cats. Owners would be able to stream it for their cat while they're away from home, resulting in a calm and happy kitty to come back to. 


The brief

Allianz Insurance released a new product to include with their home insurance policies – Emergency Home Assistance. They wanted to show people that when home emergencies happen, such as burst pipes or locked front doors, Allianz is there to help. 

The idea

We used YouTube to bring three key home emergencies to life – being locked out, a toilet being blocked and pipes bursting. We used physical objects as our focal point and pushed our actors' interactions to the background. This way we could give the viewer an inside view of at-home disasters.



The brief

There's over $18 billion of lost super in Australia. Leading super provider, BT, wanted to raise awareness with a key audience – their staff. Engaging Westpac and BT employees with their super would make them better to market their company's product and, more importantly, more prepared for their future. 

The idea

How could we engage 5,800 staff with a dry topic like lost super? We gave it a new face – that of a lost puppy called Super. Through missing posters, flyers and a litter of Super's puppy friends in the Westpac foyer, we encouraged employees to find their own lost super. Awww.


Ok, so the below print and banner ads aren't going to break the award bank. I just wanted to include them to give you a taste of my copywriting, without the bells and whistles. 

The brief

Qantas epiQure was traditionally a wine club where members could purchase wine and earn points. They recently added fine foods to the menu, and were looking to relaunch the brand. Our concept around 'pairing' sought to bring every delectable ingredient together in one great offering. 


I wanted to include these videos to show how I work when it comes to explaining a complicated product or service. I like to apply a creative theme to these types of videos, and use simple language. Sometimes, the client likes to get in there and change my supers. But hey, it happens. 


sea-shepherd logo.jpg

The brief

During my internship at The Works back in 2013, we were tasked with getting the attention of whale-saving charity, Sea Shepherd, so we could start a conversation. I had the idea to send them a life-size 'Free Willy' movie poster, minus the whale. It won the client's attention, and we went on to win the account. Whale I'll be damned. 

The idea

sea shepherd image.png

sta travel logo bigger.jpg

The brief

Create a newspaper print ad that encourages young people to take out STA's adventure travel insurance.

The idea

Make a paper plane in the middle of the newspaper – naturally.

print st.jpg

nestle logo.png

The brief

Nestle's Aero started a new campaign "bubbles of possibility" and wanted a digital idea that could own this positioning. They also wanted an idea that could be used to inspire women aged 35-44 who had to juggle both motherhood and a career.


The idea

The Aero Speech Bubbles App. This App allows people – new mums in particular – to record their words of encouragement, inspiration or helpful tips and send them to each other in the form of digital bubbles. The fun and novel aspect of this App is that you can send your bubble by blowing into your phone's microphone. The unique noise this makes is detected by the App and is then translated into an instruction to send the recording.


aero image 1.jpg
aero image 2.jpg
aero image 3.jpg
aero image 4.jpg

Side note: I made the above 'scamps' by turning my laptop upside down and tracing over the screen. Turns out I'm an engineer, too.