Sophia East




Thanks for dropping by! Let's get straight to it. I have over five years of advertising experience under my belt, specialising in Customer Experience (CX). I'm currently working for one of Australia's top CX agencies, MercerBell, which is part of Saatchi & Saatchi. 

I have experience in:

- Storyboarding and video production (for content on websites, YouTube and social)

- Photoshoots - from concept to production, including cinemagraphs

- Social media posts, videos, campaigns and strategy

- Tech prototypes - from concept to production

- Experiential campaigns

- App copy and UX

- eDM strategy and copy

- Website and Linkedin articles

- Digital banners

- Direct mail 

- Press ads

- Brochures and flyers

- Out of home


For me, the key is a great idea that involves multiple touch points, different mediums and an awesome customer journey. Simple, right?


A little history:

I'm a Kiwi who's been living in Australia since 2012. Before my dive into Ad Land I worked at television networks, including Australia's Channel 7, for three years.

I've always been very creative and have had a knack for writing ever since I learned that self expression isn't just about painting yourself green and running around naked. It was in 2013 that I found my calling as a Copywriter. My path went along the lines of:

-Competitive internship at The Works Australia where I made top two out of 70 people (I wasn't even naked)

-ADMA Creative School

-Full time Copywriter at MercerBell, where I am today

I play the drums, piano and guitar, I love Stephen King (even though he's creepy AF let's be honest), I'm a keen acrobat and I love lamps. Like really love lamps. 

Oh, and the doodle in the background? It's something I did during Creative School when I was trying to come up with ideas at 2am. Thought it'd be a nice personal touch and a reminder that we all have to start somewhere.